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"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

Anatole France

Frequently asked Questions 

Q. Why Choose Layne’s pet service?

We are a small private and personal service, your pet is our priority.
We don’t advertise or sub contract during busy periods.   The person you meet is the person looking after your pet.
We are honest, trustworthy and reliable
Your pets well being will always be our priority
We are insured, police checked and ABN registered
We abide by Privacy Laws, we will protect all personal information; there is no disclosure of this information to any third party.
We have no vehicle advertising  for your security


Q. How will you collect my dog when I am not home?

A. This can be arranged on the initial consultation but you can either provide a key or if you dog is used to being outside (with suitable shelter) they can be collected from your property.


Q. How many dogs do you walk together?

A.  we will walk dogs alone or in pairs unless you specifically want your dog walked alone.    We can walk three dogs from the same household together after an initial assessment, your dogs safety is always our first priority.


Q. What happens in an emergency or if my pet gets sick?

A. We will obtain this information from you on our initial visit.  

If your vet is not available we will use our vet, If it is an afterhour’s emergency we will take them to the Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency in Collingwood unless you have requested alternatively.


Q. Do you let dogs off leash?

A. Your dog will be walked on lead at all times unless you request otherwise.   If you want your dog to run off leash this will only be done at a secure off lead area.   We will not let your dog/s off leash until we get to know them and are comfortable with their recall.


Q. Do you still walk my dog in the rain?

A. Yes, we are happy to walk in light rain for the health and safety of your dog we do not walk in heavy rain, hail, thunder, lightning or extreme heat.


Q. How do I pay for services?

A. All services are paid in advance by Electronic funds transfer or cash payments can be made on the initial visit.


Do you have any other questions?  

Call or email to arrange a no obligation free consultation. This is an important decision and you need to feel comfortable with the person looking after your pets.  

We will be happy to answer any questions and meet the fur family.



Payment for all services is due in advance by electronic funds transfer or cash. 

It is preferred that cash payments and key pickups are made at the initial consult or a $15 fee may apply.

Prices are based on services provided in the Doncaster, Donvale, Templestowe, Eltham & Warrandyte areas

Our pet sitting fees cover up to 2 dogs or 1 dog with 2 additional smaller pets (no extra charge for feeding fish).   This is to ensure we have sufficient time to provide adequate care for each pet.   As dogs require walks and more attention please contact us for a quote regarding smaller animal non dog visits.

Dog walking prices start from when we arrive at the park i.e. if you book a 30minute walk your dog may be out for 45 - 60 minutes.


Emergency call out:  

Layne’s Pet service provides an emergency call out or emergency vet visit during any care period.  This service is charged at $50 per hour with a one hour minimum.

  • Emergency call out fees are in addition to any veterinary or third party fees
  • Should Layne’s pet services incur any expenses during this time payment is required at the completion of your booking.
  • Your dog’s welfare is our priority, emergency contacts and plans will be discussed prior to bookings.



We require a key to your property for the duration of our service unless your pets are always kept outside with adequate shelter

The key will be given a tag and number which can only be identified by Layne’s Pet services, no information relating to your property is kept with the key.

We don’t use advertising on our vehicles, so we don’t advertise to anyone you are not home.

We will spend a minimum of 30 minutes on pet sitting visits and will usually stay longer when we can. 


Layne’s Favourite Dog Walking Places 

"We have excellent dog walking parks and reserves throughout the Manningham & Eltham areas. These are just a few of Layne's favourite walks. I have also listed some of the facilities available for pets and owners to enjoy in these areas (at the time of writing).


Aranga Reserve

Eastway Avenue, Donvale

Dog Activity Centre, Fully enclosed,

General dog Activity Park, Separate dog training area, Static dog agility equipment


Banksia Park

Templestowe Road, Bulleen

Parking, Toilets, Water, On Lead, Off Lead Reserve


Bulleen Park

Bulleen Road, Bulleen

Parking, Toilets, Off Lead Reserves


Eltham Lower Park

570 Main Road, Eltham

Parking, Toilets, Off Lead reserves & a fully enclosed oval


Finns Reserve

Corner Union Street and Templestowe Road, Templestowe Lower

Car parking, Toilets, Water & Off Lead Reserves


Green Gully Linear Park

From Warrandyte Road to Reynolds Road, Templestowe

Parking, Off Lead Reserves


Ruffey Lake Park

King Street, George Street and Victoria Street, Doncaster

One of the largest and most popular parks in Manningham

Parking, Toilets, Water, Off Lead and On lead areas


Mullum Mullum Reserve

Corner Springvale Road and Reynolds Road, Donvale

Parking, Toilets, Water, Off Lead


Stiggants Park & Warrandyte River Reserve

Stiggant Street, Warrandyte

Parking, Toilets, Off Lead Reserve


Stintons Reserve

39-49 Stintons Road, Park Orchards

This reserve has a slipping track provided predominantly for the safe exercise of greyhound racing dogs, retired racers and adopted racers that have come from organisations such as the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) or the Greyhound Safety Net.   Also available to owners of other breeds who need a safe and fully enclosed area to exercise their dogs. (Membership Required)


Templestowe Reserve

Hawtin Street, Templestowe

Parking, Water, 1 Fully Enclosed oval & 1 semi enclosed


Warrandyte Market

Stiggants Reserve, Stiggants Road, Warrandyte

Ist Saturday of the Month 9am - 1pm (Except January)

A very dog friendly market, call into the Remy’s Choice stall for some yummy dog treats.


Brighton Dog Beach

Off Leash 24/7 once you enter through the gates to the beach



On Lead Only

Westerfolds Park

Fitzsimons Lane, Templestowe

Parking, Toilets, Tap Water, On Lead Only


Main Yarra Trail

From Eltham Lower Park, 570 Main Road, Eltham to

Aumann's Building & Garden Supplies, 95 Warrandyte Road, Templestowe

Parking, Toilets, Water, On Lead only


Petty’s Orchard Café

About halfway between Eltham and Aumanns, there is a dirt path to this dog friendly café from the Main Yarra trail, a great place to stop for a Coffee and cake.  

Keep your dog on lead as there are lots of Kangaroos around this area.


Birrarung Park

Templestowe Road, Templestowe Lower

Parking, Toilets, Water, On Lead only



We will care for your pets when you can't be there. The well being of your pets will always be our priority

We offer a variety of pet services to assist you and most importantly keep your pets happy and healthy

Book an obligation free consultation to meet us and discuss how we can alleviate some of the stress in your life, by caring for your precious pets.


Operating 365 days a year, from early morning to early evening.

Our pet services are available throughout the Doncaster, Donvale, Templestowe, Lower Plenty, Eltham & Warrandyte areas.

Follow our link - Layne's Favourite Places - to see some of our favourite walks in and around Manningham.